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About us - Flood Control International INCORPORATED

Flood Control International Inc exclusively offers flood control systems that are designed, engineered and manufactured by Flood Control International, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of custom engineered flood protection systems around the world.

Our specialist engineers design every water barrier and provide full CAD drawings for every installation to ensure you get the most dependable yet affordable solution that fits your site perfectly.

Although we operate out of New York, and we are ready to provide you with the right flood protection throughout the whole USA. We have agents and distributors in Boston and Virginia.

If you would like further information regarding a particular product or possible flood defense solution please contact us.



Flood Control International is a specialist engineering firm that provides a full range of professional flood protection services that can deliver a complete solution to flood management:

  • the most appropriate flood protection method is identified after studying the specific requirements and details of the flood management required
  • the flood protection products are then designed by our engineers to meet the flood management specification
  • the flood barriers, gates or doors are then manufactured using top grade components, materials and processes.



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