Chemical Spill and Chemical Containment Products in US





Flood Control International Inc offers a full range of chemical spill containment products to protect against chemical spillage or fire-fighting run-off.

Our secondary containment barriers can isolate a whole site or just part of a site to retain chemical spillages or fire-fighting run-off on the premises.

Depending on a particular site’s risk assessment, the chemical bunds may be operated manually or triggered by means of automatic sensors. Such sensors may be triggered on sumps being filled or the fire alarm being activated to ensure rapid response even on sites where an event may not be immediately noticed.

Containment Barriers allow vehicle and pedestrian access through bunds when required and save space that would otherwise be taken up with ramps to maintain a chemical bund level.

Containment gates can also be specified that swing across an opening with a dead level threshold.

We can also provide watertight doors that can retain full height liquid pressures for deep chemical bunds that require occasional maintenance access.

A choice of gasket materials means that the right gasket can be matched to the requirements of chemical resistance, fire resistance and compressibility.

Our standard barriers are tested to the rigorous TUV Certificate of Approval for openings up to 6.5m wide and 600mm high. Special barriers can be provided to any size or height and individually tested for strength and watertightness on site when required. Multi-span sectional containment barriers can create any size and height chemical bund.

Automatic barriers and gates can be fitted with acoustic and visual warnings, obstruction sensors and anti-crush systems.

With a 50 year design life our chemical spill control barriers, gates and doors give dependable protection against contamination, chemical spillage and fire-fighting run off.


  • No modification to floor surface.
  • Unobstructed access around sites - no ramps.
  • Single person operation.
  • Manual, gas lifted, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems available.
  • All components designed to resist chemicals and pollutants.
  • Built to the highest quality standards and TUV tested and approved.
  • Suitable for constant daily use or can be left semi-permanently installed.


  • Access points at chemical sites/ warehouse facilities.
  • Openings in bunds where level access required.
  • Safely retain spillages and fire-fighting water on site.
  • Spill barrier to prevent contamination outside of protective bunds.




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