Secure US Flood Proof Doors




Secure Flood Door

Our Secure Flood Doors are watertight whenever they are locked, and due to their steel frame and construction they are able to simultaneously operate as security doors.

Watertight doors with full height flood protection are achievable, depending on the locking mechanism chosen.

Installing a waterproof door ensures that when a door is locked it is watertight - this removes the need to check if barriers are installed when a flood alert is received.

Available as single or double leaf doors, our waterproof doors are ideal for use in unmanned locations, such as utility sites, especially where security measures are required. Double leaf flood proof doors incorporate a removable center mullion. The door leafs are zinc-coated steel and come with a range of locking mechanisms. Flood proof doors are supplied insulated and can be 60 minute fire rated if required.

Waterproof doors and frames are manufactured using galvanized steel and are powder-coated to client’s color specification. Door manufacture using stainless steel is available where requested. The waterproof door design uses adjustable gaskets that are adjusted upon installation to ensure the correct level of compression is applied to the gaskets. The doors can incorporate windows or ventilation grilles.


  • Flood door / security door / 60 minute fire door all in one. No need for separate protection measures.
  • Single or double leaf flood door.
  • Permanent flood protection.
  • No operational difficulties – operates just like a normal door.
  • Suitable for constant daily use.
  • Effective flood protection to full height.
  • Openings to 9ft 6" high and 8ft 2" wide as standard.


  • Existing or new building openings up to 8ft 2" wide.
  • Emergency access / escape routes.
  • Where flood protection required alongside security or fire resistance.
  • Secure sites such as utility sites or commercial premises.






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