Lightweight Flood Barrier for Quick Response to Floods









Lightweight Portable Flood Barriers


Flood Control International is now a distributor for INERO™ Flood Barriers, manufactured in Sweden.

The flood barrier sections, support legs and foot beams are made from marine-grade aluminum for seawater resistance. The material has high durability and withstands extremely tough outdoor conditions. The sections are erected using a sturdy aluminum support leg with a conical foot beam. The unique shape of the foot beam, combined with the integrated gripping teeth, guarantees extra stability and an optimal grip on all sorts of sub-strates.

The sections interlock using a patented quick connector to form a continuous, flexible barrier that adapts to all common substrates, such as concrete, grass, gravel and asphalt. They can also be curved 90° through the use of corner sections. The barriers stop and withstand both standing and rushing water and can be assembled directly in the water as long as the water level is no more than 0.98ft.


Operation Overview

INERO™ flood barriers are easy to assemble, even with no previous knowledge. Assembly of the Inero system is easy and can be done with 2 people. Once the barrier position is marked out, the support legs are fixed into the first section. More sections and legs are then connected together ensuring they are correctly interlocked before folding them back.

The PE membrane is then rolled out along the barrier and fixed with clips. The membrane must be anchored firmly to the ground using loose gravel or similar material.

Six people can install 328ft of complete barrier in about an hour.


download the Data Sheet pdf Download Data Sheet (pdf)


  • Lightweight - can be deployed quickly and easily from pre-paked pallets.
  • Speed - the low weight and stackability enables fast deployment - save more property in less time.
  • Non-corroding - INERO™ flood barriers are made of a marine-grade aluminum alloy that does not corrode, even in salt water. This means the barriers are practically indestructible.
  • Efficient - takes little storage space when stacked and is easy to transport.


  • Riverside flood defences.
  • Wide openings and perimeter enclosures.
  • Single buildings to whole residential, industrial and commercial areas.
  • Protect essential roads and railways in flood zones.






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