Flood Barriers, Storm Guards and Stop Logs in the US




Flood Barriers

Flood Control International offers five types of flood barrier to ensure the right flood solution is provided:Removable Flood Barriers, Glass Floodwalls, Flip-up Flood Barriers, Drop-Down Flood Barriers and Portable Cylinder Flood Barriers. We also do Containment Barriers for chemical spill control.

The flood barrier design varies from a simple stop logs to automatic flood barriers that operate only when required. Flood protection heights up to 13 feet and unlimited lengths of flood wall systems are possible.

Automatic flood barriers can operate to self-raise with the rising flood water, or be push button operated so that the flood barrier can be operated in advance of floods with full peace of mind. They can also be manually operated as required.

We provide CAD or PDF drawings of all installations ensuring they fit in with your requirements and that they integrate correctly with the whole scheme design where required.

Temporary stop-log flood barriers at utility siteStop-log flood barriers along riverStop-logs 

Removable stop-log flood barriers are engineered to provide similar levels of flood protection to permanent flood defenses, but with the advantage of being fully removable when not required.

These stop log barriers can be supplied for virtually any configuration and can be configured for flood protection heights of up to 13 feet.

Glass flood wall to protect from seaGlass flood glazing by riverGlass flood wall by sea 

Our glass floodwalls utilize high strength structural glass, engineered frames designed to withstand static and impact loads, structural anchoring system, and specially designed watertight and impact resisting sealing.

This flood defense solution requires no operational input and causes minimal visual intrusion where flood protection is required.

Flip-up flood barrierFlip-up flood barrier by riverFlip-up flood barrier clad in wood 

To provide unrestricted access to pedestrian and vehicle entrances, the automatic flip-up flood barrier is fully recessed in to the ground when not in use.

It can be activated by a push button, or automatically triggered by sensors, or activated manually. This flood barrier rises up to flood defense heights of 7 feet as standard and up to lengths of 40 feet.

Portable cylinder flood barriersPortable cylinder flood barriersPortable cylinder flood barriers 


Quick response flood defense to land areas threatened by severe flooding normally requires substantial resources in terms of sandbags, personnel and transport. Even with adequate time, such flood defenses are often inefficient and time-consuming.

The Portable Cylinder Flood Barrier (PCFB) system is quickly erected using minimal personnel, transport and time and it works.

Manual containment barrierAutomatic chemical containment barrierPivot chemical containment barrier 

Flood Control International offers chemical containment barriers to protect against chemical spillage or fire-fighting run-off.

These barriers can isolate a whole site or just part of a site, allowing opening in bunds where level access is also required.


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