Automatic Basement Flood Protector in USA





When not in use the drop-down automatic barrier is unobtrusively located above the head of the opening, ready to be lowered at a moment’s notice, making ideal as a basement flood protector.

Automatic sensors can operate the barrier with rising flood waters, or push button operation keeping you in control.

Direct drive electric motors smoothly and precisely lower the barrier in to position and firmly lock it in to place to form an efficient, dependable flood defense.

Safety is a key factor in this design and all motors have a 'free-fall', dead-stop braking system built-in as standard. In addition, all systems are installed with a pulley system that overrides the motorized drive and allows the flood barriers to be manually lowered and raised in safety.

As optional features, the systems can be activated remotely, triggered by water or smoke detection or by security alarm systems. Touch and motion sensors can also be added to the braking system whilst further security is available in the form of audio/visual alarms, warning as the flood barrier moves.

A 24 volt back-up system ensures that the flood barrier will operate in the event of a mains supply failure.

These automatic flood barriers can be supplied in any RAL color. Barriers can be mounted behind building facades making them as desirable in prestigious locations (such as hotel lobbies, plazas, shopping centers and head offices) as they are essential in factory entrances, loading bays and basements.


  • Flood barrier always in position above the opening ready for use.
  • No restrictions to openings or access.
  • Fully automatic operation available.
  • Push-button operation available to put you in control or for daily operation.
  • Quick erection of large flood barrier.
  • No excavation required to install.
  • Flood barrier can be linked to alarm systems.
  • Safety systems include visual / audible alarms when operating, dead stops activated by movement sensors.
  • Totally vandal resistant as lifted above head height when not in use.


  • Ideal as basement flood protector
  • Flood protection to roller shutter door entrances.
  • Underground garage water barrier.
  • Chemical containment barrier for factories/ storage locations.
  • Internal or external mounting available.






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